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Hi, I'm Kyle Walters.

I created The Personal CFO to help people take back their most important resources: money, energy, and time.

Watch the video to learn more about my philosophy as The Personal CFO.

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Pillars of the Personal CFO Philosophy


From Overwhelmed to Informed

Stop feeling overwhelmed by your finances and start  feeling informed. It comes down to knowing what information is worth your attention, and what isn’t. 


From a Prayer to a Plan

Get clarity and context around your family’s goals, values, and financial position. Go from having  a prayer to a plan. 


From Stuck to Taking Action

With a financial plan and an advocate in your corner, you don’t have to feel stuck. Taking action with a Personal CFO gives you the one thing money can’t buy: time. 


Meet Kyle Walters

Kyle’s goal is to reduce stress and overwhelm around financial decision making. As an author and financial advisor, he helps successful families save time, find clarity, and create a plan for their financial futures. 

Kyle is the author of the book The Personal CFO: The Secret to Getting More out of Your Money and Your Life. He’s also the co-founder Atlas Wealth Advisors and L&H CPAs and Advisors, both based in Dallas, Texas. 

As a kid, Kyle got really into the Berenstain Bears book The Trouble with Money. Thirty years later, he is still obsessed with figuring out how much to save, spend, and give away. Kyle lives in Dallas with his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters.