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Simplified Wealth Management

When you work with The Personal CFO, you'll have a single point of contact for all of your financial questions and needs. Your experience will be clear, easy, and secure.


Together, we will develop a growth plan that aligns with your financial goals. No more guessing about your financial future. Instead, you'll know exactly where you're at and what direction you're heading.

Stress Free

Money is a stressful concept, but it doesn't have to be. My goal is to remove all of the stressors surrounding your finances so you can go enjoy life the way you intend to.

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If you're currently facing a big financial decision, or you're ready to put the Personal CFO framework into action in your own life, let's take the first step together by having a conversation. Get started here to schedule an introductory call.


Partner Firms

When you work with The Personal CFO, you also have access to two of my firms:

L&H CPAs and Advisors

We help successful families and business owners simplify their tax and accounting.

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Atlas Wealth Advisors

We help those same families protect and grow their investments.

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